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Save our beloved Monar! =An AA character is facing danger=
Friday, 16 September 2005
ASK, an organization of anti alcohol and drug claimed
ASK, an organization of anti alcohol and drug claimed "Noma-Neko" cartoon
on September 13.

Noma-Neko promotes daredevil alcohol drink!

A song "Dragostea din Tei" sung by a group from Republic of Moldova "O-Zone"
has been breaking out through Europe.
In Japan a Flash movie(cartoon streaming in internet) with parodied words
releaved broadly.

Words parodied contains "Noma noma yeah! (= drink it up! drink it up!)"
showing a cute cat like character Noma-neko holds a bottle of Sake and
gulping or letting his folk gulp.
(* This cartoon is revealing especially among little children. Webmaster added.)

This flash movie was introduced in some magazines which took attention of a music
giant AVEX who promotes O-Zone. AVEX designed O-Zone CD with picture of Noma-Neko
as a promotion video attatching the flash movie. A very popular idol group SMAP
picked this topic up in a TV program which helped this CD get No.1 sale on a
music CD chart on August.
Following this movement AVEX started promoting character goods such as
dolls or T-shirts.
To see the pictures of goods click herehere (ALL in Japanese)
(*The cat was named Noma-Neko at this moment. webmaster added)

Many inquries has been sent to ASK by e-mail or phone.
ASK has sent an urgent letter of demand to president of AVEX.

Posted by monseurmonar at 10:43 PM KDT
Updated: Friday, 16 September 2005 11:46 PM KDT
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Wata announced a statement on her website
On September 14, Wata (an "inspirational" flash creator that had
actually contarcted with AVEX) had annouced a statement on her website.

The statement was shown shortly before or after the NTV was broadcasting
Dragostea din Tei's PV when such a lot of people were raging against it.
(Omae sakushi dana. = You're such a wily. He, he.)
The PV showed some offensive scenes such as derailment, or promoting
alcohol drinking. Many people had claimed on it to NTV.
(It is an open secret that I am one of them.)

Detail of the statement is as shown below.
(To see original Japanese message, click here)

Dear guests.

Thank you for visiting my site.
I am sorry for causing such a big disturbance.

Please let me explain my situation.

At the moment of July 27, the copyright of "Noma-Neko" had already been
handed over to ZEN Inc. which means since then I do not hold its copyright
any more.

We contracted a formal coneyance and I do not have any more copyright.

And no income made from its royality has been made by now.
I will not receive any money regarding "Noma-Neko".

As I do not have any authority as a rightsholder, I can not force anything to
any company concerning goods sold now.

I judged myself that I do not worth participating flash?šbomb'05 to be involved
in right at the center of this disturbance. I sorrily declined the invitation of
participating flash?šbomb'05 to MUZO, the sponsor.

I am sorry being absent from flash?šbomb'05 betrays fans
looking forward flash?šbomb'05.

Also, please let me deeply apologize to give such a annoyance to the webmasters
linked to my site "Dennei-damemushi-cho", and to my personal acknowledges.

At last, I give my most appreciation to all those who supoprted me involved in this case.

2005.September.14?@"Dennei-Damemushi-cho" Webmaster Wata

Sigh.... What does she want me to say to these frivolous words?
That's it for today.... Too tired to see this...

Posted by monseurmonar at 9:15 PM KDT
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Media started newscasting about anti-AVEX campaign
Anti-AVEX campaign grows bigger.

Since AVEX released O-Zone DVD with Wata's flash movie,
so many people have been campaigning against AVEX.

Some called AVEX's customer center, some started boycott
campaign, or some started distributing handbills via
internet so that anyone interested could do his/her own
campaign individually, and others demonstrated in front
of AVEX headquarters.

And there are such a lot of webpages talking about this
problem on websites. There are now 3 English pages
including this page.

Posted by monseurmonar at 9:12 PM KDT
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Summary of Monar kidnap (pirated)
Well the story started last March when O-Zone's
DVD has been started to break out.
A music production AVEX started selling O-Zone's
DVD with bonus of flash movie whose characters in it
were copied from Ascii Art mainly used in 2-ch.

It should have been no problem that the characters
themselves were used in her(one who created this movie
named Wata) movie. It is that AVEX tried to monopoly
MONAR's authority. What has become of AEVX and Wata
in progress was...

1:Wata created the movie using AA-characters known
as 2-ch typical.(She also created funny hearings
to the words). And she put it up onto 2-ch thread.
The principal character and all the rest were
obviously copied from AA called Monar, and Shii.
The principal character was still called Monar.
(this part happened last autumn)

2:AVEX approached Wata in order to produe O-Zone's
DVD with Wata's flash movie.

3:On March, AVEX started selling and promoting
the DVD with so much advertisement on TV,
Magazines, and of course in internet.
*In this movie attatched as a bonus truck,
characters were a bit(only a bit)
transformed from the original.

4:In the very beginning of September, AVEX declared
that they'd start promoting the related goods of
Monar's but as NOMA-NEKO.

It says


beside the picture of ad on the website.
It became the actual trigger of our conflict
against AVEX.

4:Since then AVEX has been trying to deny what we were
doing at first, but AVEX messed up the situation
with their very own hands.

AVEX tried to hide the evidences that AVEX
contracted with Wata knowing the fact that Wata is
not a legal author.
**This sentence has not legally been proved.
This is what we most suspect in what AVEX has done.

5:2-channellers started promoting boycott of any
AVEX products, or related goods such as TV commercials
whose theme song is of an AVEX artist. And also we
kept asking AVEX and all the related companies
the truth. Some of 2-channellers even demonstrated
right in front of AVEX headquareter holding snacks
in their hands called Umai-Bo(Its package design
is a copy from Dorae-mon. Dorae-monis a cat-like
robot from 22nd century).


The story goes on.

Posted by monseurmonar at 9:11 PM KDT
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Know what is going on an ASCII Art character
Dear all

Welcome to my blog mentioned to expose a plot of a record label AVEX.

This blog should stay neutral all the time.

Please be ashemed of blaming others or yelling.


1. An AA(Ascii Art) character well known as MONA in
biggest BBS website

has apparently been copied without permission of legal author.

*MONA is one of the oldest AA character and he is now

anonymous as well as we are in 2ch.

2.This blog is NEVER made to hurt anyone but blame AVEX.

3.If you do not understand WHY we protest this much, better you leave.

4.Whoever interested in this matter, you're welcomed.

Posted by monseurmonar at 9:10 PM KDT

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