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Save our beloved Monar! =An AA character is facing danger=
Friday, 30 September 2005
Ayumi Hamasaki facing crisis? Musical composition supplier of Ayu is planning to leave AVEX.
Ayumi Hamasaki facing crisis? Musical composition supplier of Ayu
is planning to leave AVEX. (From : goo news September 19, 2005)

Ayumi Hamasaki(26 yrs old), a singer regarded as Japanese diva
is facing crisis.
A composer who also belongs to AVEX, who is a member of a popular band
"Do As Infinity" that belongs to AVEX as well, Dai Nagao (34 yrs old)
is willing to leave AVEX.
D.A.I(=Dai Nagao) has supplied compositions to Ayumi Hamasaki.

A person concerned in musical production says "D.A.I is tired of being a
sked by AVEX to compose songs gathering good parts of ex-hit songs.
D.A.I wants to seek a brand new artist by himself."

D.A.I has made his debut as a member of "Do As Infinity" 6 years ago.
He shifted to work as a composer rather than a performer, performing
less at stage.
He has been supplying songs to Ayumi(=Ayumi Hamasaki), hitomi(29 yrs old), and Every little Thing.
Ayu, hitomi, and E.L.T. all belong to AVEX and they are very popular in
Japanese Pop music scene. One of his work titled "Voyage" won the annual
grand prize awarded to the best musician at 2002 which was colaborated with Ayu.
D.A.I is a real hit maker that even paid his tax of 20 million yen,
earning 61 million yen.

If D.A.I leaves, AVEX should be damaged hard.

The person concerned in musical production also says
"AVEX has offered a condition that D.A.I can quit AVEX
if he signs on a contract of handing
all the rights of songs he has created to AVEX.
I also heard that D.A.I has already determined with whom to work after quitting AVEX.
It seems to be hard to carry it out...... There should be
certain situation that AVEX can not let him go....."

Is AVEX persuading D.A.I by any means in secret?

AVEX denied "How did you get such an idea? There is no situation like that."

Issei Tomizawa, a musical critic, who is well familiar with J-POP scene analyzes :
"It is not rare that a composer taken care of by a company takes up his arm against the company to think that the composer is well skilled enough, he/she can feel secure to be guarded under the name of company,
in the other hand. There is, however, a risk of being abandoned by company. Financial negotiation should be held from now on. "

Ayu who has lately been composing songs by herself is suffering from discourage of her recent works.

"Ayu lately has asked to produce Hip Hop or Reggae tasted songs. She seems that she wants to shift her style. She might want to be Namie Amuro." indicates the person shown above.....
*Namie Amuro is also an AVEX singer who broke out mid 1990s.
Monseur Monar added.

Posted by monseurmonar at 5:36 AM KDT
Updated: Friday, 30 September 2005 5:39 AM KDT
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Monday, 3 October 2005 - 12:05 AM KDT

Name: HG-neet

I was surprised to hear the news below.

What do you think of this news?
I can't believe them yet.

I know you are busy at your work.
Forza!!! ( ^ω^)

Monday, 3 October 2005 - 4:01 AM KDT

Name: Monseur Monar

Hi, HG-neet.
You've changed your HN, haven't you?
Sounds good yeh?
>What do you think of this news?
>I can't believe them yet.
I totally agree with you.
I can not, I mean I will not be able to trust them
until we get Mona back.
I will try my best to update these days' topics.
I'm too tired to join the off-line event today at Shibuya.
Thanks for your post!!
Forza Forza!!!

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