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Save our beloved Monar! =An AA character is facing danger=
Thursday, 29 September 2005
ASCII ART fans sent an open letter of inquiry to AVEX.
On September 20, 2005, an open letter of inquiry has been sent to
the a representative director of AVEX group holdings with the name
of "all Ascii Art fans concerned".
Reply due date is limited by September 30, 2005.
Please wait for the update here.
An open letter about NomaNeko issue.

We saw your statement "About copyright of NomaNeko" on your official webpage.
Now it is getting attention from many people on goods regarding NomaNeko which h
as been sold from September 1, 2005. Also it is spoken that the character NomaNe
ko closely resembles to common Ascii Art (AA after forth) whose name is "Mona" a
nd "Molalar" broadly in internet community.
Many apprehensions for restriction of using AA and AA characters are coming up.

We, AA fans, sent this letter of inquiry so that we could refer on creating AAs
or using AAs to clarify indistinct informations at this moment.

Thus, hereby we ask you AVEX group holdings to answer these open inquries shown
below with supposed date and details of correspondence and return the answer to
whom it should be returned.
To your referrence, we herein enclose some examples of AA characters.
Please use it to help your referrence and reply. Here we enclose an envelope of
return with this letter.

Please allow us to limit the deadline of reply at September 30, 2005.
Please be informed that when no reply comes by the due date, we will take it
that no answer is your will, and make it open.

This letter has no legal power which forces you to answer as a duty,
according to law of contract of consumers, however, it is determined that
companies should effort to show an appropreate information to consumers,
please give us answer with your eagerness.
And even if your reply becomes the same as you have already answered sometime so
mewhere, please make it clear in the statutory form.
Please reply being aware enough that this letter of inquiry is OPEN to puclic.

1. Can we take AA characters such as "Mona" a totally different
character from "NomaNeko"?

2. Let us know what "NomaNeko" exactly means. If it is hard to describe,
pictures or drawings are acceptable.

3. Please distinguish the FIRST Flash Movie that your employee saw first
from PV and character goods that AVEX is putting on sale now.
If it is hard to describe, pictures or drawings are acceptable.

4. Please cite the name of characters corresponds to AA characters such
as "Mona ". When the name is not clear for you, pictures or drawings
are acceptable.

5. Please define existing "AA characters such as "Mona"." concretely.

6. Please let us know what "new originality" was added?
Please answer with comparison between NomaNeko and existing characters,
characters answerd at question 4. If it is indescribable, pictures are

7. Is there any restriction to existing AA and AA characters if illustrated
or three dimentionally shaped?

8. Are you going to restrict AAs or AA characters which will be created
in the future? Please answer concretely.

9. Are there any other characters concerning in promotion of
"Dragostea Din Tei" than NomaNeko?
If there are, please let us know what it is called and what it
indicates. If it is hard to describe, pictures and drawings are

10. Can we take your reply to this open letter as the colletive opinion of
AVEX group holdings?

Questions finished.
Thank you.

Posted by monseurmonar at 5:28 AM KDT
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